Monday, October 8, 2007

Launch minus 4 days and counting

Baikonur day 2

The days are starting to merge together. There is routine. The ESA group (scientists, engineers and administrators) has breakfast, lunch an dinner together in the same room. Today we examine the cells and feed them, clean up the lab and get organized. Still working out of suitcases. Also, put the autoclaved hardware out on the table in anticipation of launch minus 2 days when we start the filling the hardware. We filled out paperwork, worked on the blog and checked our email ( a hard thing to do in the Steeps of Kazakhstan). Later we went into town and met some of the female Malaysian scientists. Today is Chai-Fei’s birthday so we went to the Baikonur Market and bought saffron, pomegranates, nuts and Kazakhstan cognac. At dinner, we toasted Chai-Fei’s birthday and ate pomegranate seeds for dessert. Various members of the group sang “Happy Birthday” to her in English, German, French, Italian and Chinese. It was a great day.

The Baikonur market