Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Launch minus 2 days and counting

Baikonur day 4

Rollout of Soyuz rocket
Upright Soyuz rocket
Up at 5:30 AM today to see the horizontal rollout of the Soyuz by train to the launch site and then to the raising of the rocket from horizontal to vertical launch position. Then growing cells in the morning and then start filling operations on the hardware preparation this afternoon. It is now 9 PM, we have lab operations until about 2 PM- same thing happens tomorrow before turnover of the experiment to Kaiser Italia for the leak test.

Got out of the lab at 11:30 PM, back to hotel #1 at midnight and into bed by 1AM.
I have a big day tomorrow. I will attend the State Board in Baikonur where the official approvals are given for flight of Soyuz and the Cosmonauts.