Monday, October 8, 2007

Launch minus 3 days and counting

Baikonur day 3

Up early, ate early and we were in the lab by 7:45AM. Worked until the afternoon. Later in the day I had the opportunity to meet the head of the Malaysian Space Science, Professor Dr. A Rahman A Jamal. We learned that they had 4 space science experiments going up on this mission. Their space science program was envisioned, planned and executed in less than 2 years. After submitting their proposals the scientists were selected and funded in about 4 months. The Malaysian government supports science and knows how to be efficient!

When the United States had a program, it could take up to seven years from proposal to flight. Seven years looks good now since now there is no US space science program. Tonight, after dark, some of us were escorted on a stroll to an area without lights, only a 10-minute walk. There we saw the International Space Station (ISS) pass overhead, what a sight. Looking at it speeding above us made me think that our experiment, PKINASE will be up there speeding along on ISS in a few days via the Soyuz Taxi.